Takao Yuyama

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Department of Mathematics,
Tokyo Institute of Technology,
2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku
Tokyo 152-8551, Japan
Email: evaluate '@'.join(['.'.join(['yuyama','t','aa']),'.'.join(['m','titech','ac','jp'])]) as a Python expression.


I am a graduate student in the doctoral course at Tokyo Institute of Technology. My advisor is Fumiharu Kato.

Research Interests

Keywords: mathematical logic, computability theory, undecidable problems, formal language theory, word problem for groups

Research Articles

  1. Yuyama, Takao. More on Groups and Counter Automata. arXiv preprint. arXiv:2210.16879.
  2. Kashima, Ryo; Matsuda, Naosuke; Yuyama, Takao. Term-Space Semantics of Typed Lambda Calculus. Notre Dame J. Formal Logic 61 (2020), no. 4, 591--600. doi:10.1215/00294527-2020-0028.
  3. Yuyama, Takao. On Hilbert's tenth problem over subrings of Q (.pdf), masters thesis, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2020.


  1. On Hilbert's tenth problem over subrings of Q (.pdf), 数学基礎論若手の会2019 (December 8, 2019; Aichi, Japan).
  2. Undecidability of Hilbert's Tenth Problem and its Applications (.pdf), Automata and Logic Workshop in AKITA (March 27, 2019; Akita University, Japan), Best Presentation Award.
  3. Decidability of Presburger Arithmetic via Finite Automata (.pdf), Automata and Logic Workshop in AKITA (March 26, 2019; Akita University, Japan), invited lecture.
  4. Matrix Mortality Problem (.pdf) (in Japanese), 数学基礎論若手の会2018 (November 24, 2018; Okinawa, Japan).